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Fan The Flames’ Regular Clients

At Fan The Flames Marketing & Design, we enjoy working with a wide selection of clients, from the small, independent businesses in our local Bristol area, to large-scale clients from across the globe. If you’re looking for assistance to take your business to the next level with a strategic marketing plan to fit your company’s needs, whether they are large or small, or even if you’re just starting out and need help getting your business off the ground, get in contact, and we’d love to help!

Here are a selection of some of our regular clients, along with the designs we have created for them:

New U Clinic

The New U Clinic, Nottingham, offers revolutionary non-invasive treatment for incontinence. Our BTL Emsella chair quickly and painlessly restores pelvic floor function, returning neuromuscular control. Regain your confidence and say no to incontinence with New U!

Tel: 01773 764 289

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