3 Compelling Reasons to Use Email Marketing Now

3 Compelling Reasons to Use Email Marketing Now 1

Entrepreneurs and small business owners often wear many hats and have to be strategic with their time. Marketing efforts can sometimes take a backseat to more pressing tasks, like keeping the lights on and ensuring there is product to sell. Although it may be tempting to cut corners in your marketing budget, there are certain marketing efforts that are worth the time and investment – email marketing is one of them. 

Email marketing can provide a major boost to your marketing efforts and help you connect with your customers in a way that is personal and relevant. Here are three compelling reasons why you should start using email marketing today:

1. You can incentivise your audience into giving you their email addresses
2. Relevance is key
3. Email marketing provides an opportunity for personalisation

1. You can incentivise your audience into giving you their email addresses

One of the most common objections to starting an email marketing campaign is collecting email addresses. However, this does not have to be a difficult task. There are many ways you can incentivise your users into giving you their email addresses, such as offering a discount on their first purchase or providing access to exclusive content.

2. Relevance is key

Another objection to email marketing is that it can be perceived as spammy. This is only the case if you are sending irrelevant emails to your users. Keep your emails contextual by only sending messages that will be of interest to your audience. segmenting your list so you can send targeted messages that address specific concerns will also help ensure relevance.

3. Email marketing provides an opportunity for personalisation

When done correctly, email marketing provides an opportunity for you to connect with your customers on a personal level. You can address them by name, include relevant data points about their past interactions with your company, and even customise the message based on their individual needs and interests. Taking the time to personalise your emails will show your customers that you value them as individuals and not just another number on your list.

So what should I use email marketing for?

To interact with your audience and promote your brand and boost sales, take advantage of email marketing in your marketing strategy. Why? Emails can be used for a variety of purposes, including selling products, sharing news, lowering cart abandonment rates. But, they also tell a story and can be part of your automation journey for your customers. This delivers personalised emails to engage your contact list about your goods or services, without hard selling, over a period of time. You can introduce loyal programmes and advertise your promotions, but you can also share inspiring news and create engaging content that’s educational or fun.  Additionally, it may be leveraged for lead nurturing and lead generation, which are effective ways to strengthen connections and improve your long-term marketing plan. So if you value the relationship with your customers and want to tell your story, email marketing is the perfect option.

In summary

Email marketing provides a major boost to your marketing efforts by helping you connect with customers in a personal and relevant way. When done correctly, it can be an incredibly effective tool for driving sales, growing your customer base, and fostering loyalty among your existing customers. If you’re not using email marketing yet, now is the time to start!

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