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Why Paid Ads Are a Great Investment for Your Business

Pay-per-click ads, as we call them, are a popular and effective way to reach your ideal customers. You can target highly specific audience, and track the result of your campaign so you know the exact costs for each sale or new lead you get. There are different types of PPC ads, from Google Search Ads to Facebook Ads.

Each platform has its own advantage and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the right one for your business. If you don’t have experience with PPC ads or your PPC ads aren’t generating the right results, our tried and tested methods can drive traffic, leads, and sales. 

8 Reason why your business needs paid advertising

How Can PPC Ads Help Your Business?

PPC helps your business to find, reach and engage with your ideal customer. It allows you to deliver relevant, targeted and timely messages to
customers where organic marketing misses out. PPC ads allow you to promote your business beyond your immediate area, and you
can even reach a global audience – if that’s one of your business goals. Paid ads are an effective tool to help your business goals convert.

Benefits of Hiring Experienced PPC Experts:

PPC Ads and Social Media

Great news: PPC ads are available on social media. So when you use PPC ads on social media, you are better connected with your ideal
customer and you can reach them based on who they are, where they are, what they do and what they like. It allows you to target your
advertising to people that would benefit from your offer. As a result, you can deliver personalised messages and foster community building.

Advertising on social media

With so many advantages to advertising on social media, here’s our top reasons why our clients LOVE social media advertising:



We can specifically target your ads to be delivered to your ideal clients, based on their interests, demographics, and other online behaviour. Having the right audiences makes PPC ROI skyrocket!

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Paid ads are great for helping build communities that foster engagement and build brand loyalty. They help develop relationships with your target audience and promote the great things you do.

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Ads can be used to deliver what your business needs most, whether that’s website traffic, product sales, new leads for your business, webinar sign-ups, or building brand recognition

PPC Management Platforms

Professional PPC management can help your business save time and money with our expertise in pay per click advertising. With our proven processes available to you, we help you build effective campaigns. If you’re unsure about PPC management, have a look at the advantages of the different PPC platforms we cover and how they can support your business growth:

We’ll Help You Choose The Right Platform

Social Media Platforms

Paid ads go far beyond Google ads and Amazon ads, and can be served where most people spend the majority of their time online – on social media platforms. You can target your customer avatars with impression and PPC ads
on social channels using demographics, interests, and behaviour.

Social media ads allow you to achieve fast results without breaking the bank by targeting users already engaging with similar businesses.

Here are the platforms our PPC experts can help you with:

Why choose Fan The Flames for PPC management and social media advertising?

At Fan The Flames, we have refined our process for PPC advertising for optimal results for our clients. We have developed a tried and tested model that help brands like yours create and develop successful paid ad campaigns.

PPC management

Once we understand your business needs and goals, we’ll assign an advertising specialist
to your account and that person will learn about your business, develop an advertising
strategy, and execute your ad to get you the most sales or leads possible at the lowest cost.

Why Fan the Flames
A multi award winning agency

Multi-award winning agency

We are an award-winning marketing agency so you know we’re good at what we do. Our projects are deliverd by a highly skilled team, and produce a strong ROI for our clients. Passion drives our success.

Expert social media management team

Specialists in PPC

We’re passionate about social media marketing and pay per click advertising. Your business is in good hands. Our team of social media experts have the knowledge and skills to get you the results you need.

Strategy development for your brand

Strategic thinkers

We believe that strategy development can increase your business goals, that’s why we ensure our team are using our tried and tested ppc methods to build stronger ads.

A team thats performance driven

Performance is key

We stay up to date with the latest ad updates, policies, and trends, to ensure your ad performance is running at the highest potential. We optimise ad performance throughout your campaign!

On going social media support

Technical support

Our PPC team are always up for a challenge. Whether you’re experiencing technical problems or need advice running your other ads, our team are on hand to help you with your paid ads.

A team thats performance driven

PPC analytics

Not only do we love data, we leverage the analytics to improve your campaign. We can help you set up and use conversion tracking so you’re getting the most from your PPC campaign.

Our Pay Per Click Goals

Lead generation

By working with Fan The Flames Marketing & Design, you will have access to a team of highly-trained and experienced professionals. We can help you boost ROI, generate a steady stream of sales, increase lead generation, and gain better customer insight through ad development.

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pay per click

Low-cost per click

We can help you significantly increase your lead generation, sales, and conversions by implementing highly targeted ad campaigns at low cost per click. This means PPC advertising is a perfect strategy to use to generate quick leads and sales, no matter whether you’re a small business or a big international enterprise.


Great question. The answer is yes, but be mindful of the results. With PPC ads, your ad budget is charged per click, so you’re only paying for the number of clicks which keeps ad costs down. If you are new to social media advertising, you may be charged by impression, not click, until you reach a certain amount of ads in your account. Don’t worry, it’s not too expensive and you can certainly get results with a small budget. Jump on a call with us today and we can layout the likely costs and results so you can see if it is for you.

How much you should spend on your ads to get a strong return on investment depends on your business, goals, sector, advertising budget, and other factors. If you get in touch with us, we can talk through these factors and advise what has worked for others in your sector to help you make the right decision on your ad spend.

When it comes to our costs, we keep things simple – a set up cost on month one, then from then onwards, our monthly management charge depends on how much budget we’re managing on your support. So if you don’t have a big budget, we don’t charge you a lot!

Generally speaking, social media advertising costs much less than PPC management on Google or Amazon, but which is best for you depends on your goals.

For those who also need help with their social media management and content creation, we also offer bespoke social media packages to fit your needs.

These packages are designed for full customisation and development so that whatever your budget, we can help you grow via social media. Our clients will never be tied down to long-term contracts as we want to you want to work with us. We believe strongly that you will see the power and value in what we do, so all our social media packages are monthly rolling contracts.

Definitely. Whether you’ve outsourced before, run your own ads or haven’t advertised yet – we can help you with or without historical data. If you need assistance in creating an ads account for Google, social media, or another platform, we are happy to help and understand how the ad platforms work, so can successfully create your ads accounts for you.

More Services

Your PPC or social media advertising campaign should be just one part of your marketing mix. By using a combination of strategies, you can ensure your message reaches the widest possible audience. The key to success is streamlining your marketing efforts and
understanding the results of your marketing activities. So if you’re looking to maximise your success, be sure to learn more about our other services that can heat up your business growth strategy.’ Select ’SEO’, ‘Social Media’ and ‘Email’ for related services.

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