What does PPC mean?

PPC stands for “pay-per-click”, a model of online advertising where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. It’s one of the most common forms of online advertising, and it’s used by businesses of all sizes to promote their products and services.

Essentially, it means that you are buying traffic to your website, link, or other target, and you bid to get that traffic against other advertisers.

PPC is also known as Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertising, because advertisers only pay when someone clicks on their ad. This makes it an extremely effective way to reach potential customers, because you’re only paying for ads that are actually generating traffic and leads. And since you can control how much you spend on PPC ads, it’s a very affordable way to advertise your business online.

Often, however, the term is used to denote paid ads of other types, where the bidding strategy isn’t simply buying traffic. Other conversion targets that you might aim for with paid ads include getting a potential client to send your business a message, register for a lead magnet, or sign up for a webinar. In these cases, you might optimise the ads not to charge per click, but for other conversion events.

What are the most common types of PPC advertising?

There are a few different types of PPC advertising. The most common are:

1. Search engine advertising (Google Ads, Bing Ads) 

2. Social media advertising (Facebook/Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads) 

3. Display advertising (banners, skyscrapers, pop-ups) 

4. Contextual advertising (text ads placed alongside relevant editorial content) 

5. Mobile advertising

Why should you use paid ads for your business?

There are many reasons why you should use paid ads for your business. Paid ads can help you reach a new audience, grow your brand awareness, and boost your sales.

Paid advertising is an effective way to reach more people who might be interested in your product or services. By targeting your paid ads to specific people based that are likely to be your perfect clients, based on their interests and demographics, you can ensure that your message reaches the right people. As a result, you can see a significant increase in sales and ROI, and generate a stead stream of leads for your business.

Additionally, using paid ads can help grow your brand awareness. When potential customers see your ad multiple times, they’re more likely to remember who you are and what you offer. This increased brand awareness can lead to more customers doing business with you, and accelerate your growth far more quickly than organic marketing strategies alone.

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