5 Reasons Why Awards Are Good for Business List of Business Awards You Can Enter 1

5 Reasons Why Awards Are Good for Business (+ List of Business Awards You Can Enter)

5 Reasons Why Awards Are Good for Business (+ List of Business Awards You Can Enter)

5 Reasons Why Awards Are Good for Business List of Business Awards You Can Enter 1

You may have seen award ceremonies on TV or read about them online, but have you ever considered entering your business into one? Whether it’s a local, national or international award, there are many benefits to be gained from entering your business into an awards ceremony. 

We have been lucky enough to win seven industry awards in the last two years, and the effect it has had on our business has been massive. Because of this, we enter many of the businesses we work with into different awards all the time, and if you’re not doing the same for your business already, now’s the time to start! We have included in this article a useful list of business awards you can enter today to get you started and help potentially transform your brand image… 

But first, here are five reasons why entering awards are good business:

1. Marketing
2. Benchmarking
3. Networking
4. Credibility
5. Brand differentiation

Here’s my list for why business awards are a good way to boost your marketing strategy.

1. Marketing

Most importantly, entering your business into an awards ceremony is great for marketing and PR purposes. Winning an award provides many opportunities shout about your business, and the provider of the awards will help by providing support to promote your business and award in press releases, on your website, social media, email and other places. Awards offer marketing assets, such as badges and graphics, which can help your business gain brand exposure at a very low expense. In terms of competitors, it can help your business stand out from the competition. Sounds good so far?

2. Benchmarking

Entering your business to win an award can help you to identify your weaknesses and strengths of your offerings as it forces you to look at your competition. So entering is not just about winning the award, but you can better your business to showcase everything that makes your business stand out against the competition. 

It challenges your business to look at things differently and set new goals, which can help refine your business strategy and help you become an even better business!

3. Networking

You will know and potentially meet other businesses and professionals, which can open the doors for partnership or business opportunities. Your business will have the opportunity to network with people in and outside of your industry – helping you to build relationships with important figures! So just by entering awards that will help you network more effectively, build stronger client relationships, and possibly even elevate your leadership within your industry.

4. Credibility

Boost your business by creating an awards strategy that can help you break into new markets, or even make your presence in your current market stronger! Even if you don’t win, entering awards and getting nominated or shortlisted will help you establish your credibility and authority. This helps your customers think highly of the products and services you provide, because it serves as a third-party endorsement of your business and acts similar to a sales pitch. When a prestigious third party supports your business, your customers will recognise, respect, and value you.

5. Brand differentiation

Want to be recognised for your efforts or values for good causes? Whether it’s your green initiatives or giving back to your community, you can enter awards with the goal of brand differentiation, so you are highlighting your business for its goodwill contributions and showing your business is different from the competition. You can gain extra cred and kudos for creating an awards strategy for your business and give you a competitive edge that really impresses your customers.

List of Awards Your Business Can Enter

Entering awards is a great way to gain recognition for your business, regardless of whether you win or not. By entering these competitions, you are able to promote your business to a wider audience and get your name out there. Here’s a few to get you started for your awards strategy:

The UK Business & Innovation Awards by Awards International


This award has 18 award categories to choose from, such as Best New Business, Best Website or App, Best Employee Experience, Diversity and Inclusion, Best Green Business, Best Marketing and more!

Application is open for 2023

Chamber Business Awards


Based in the Herefordshire or Worcestershire area? This award is open to local businesses but 2023 application is not yet released. However, sponsor opportunities are now open for your business.

Application for 2023 to be released soon

Growing Business Awards


This award recognises fast growing SMEs with over 25 categories to choose from, such as B2B Business of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, Family-owned Business of the Year, Micro Business or the Year, Triumph Over Adversity Award and more!

Applications not yet released for 2023

Women in Business Award


Are you a woman in business? This award is great for acknowledging professional achievements from women in business. There’s over 20 different categories to choose from, such as Sustainability Award, Startup of the Year, Woman in STEM, Businesswoman of the Year, Employer of the Year and more!

Applications for 2022 are still open

BQF UK Brilliance Awards


There’s 17 different categories to choose from, such as Excellent People Doing Excellent Things, Best Team, Living Your Values, Innovation, Customer Experience, CI Culture, Collaboration and more!

Applications for 2023 not yet open

Don’t forget…

Remember, you need to work out an awards strategy to get the most out of applying for awards. And if you’re not sure where to start, we can help you build an awards strategy for your business that will boost your marketing efforts tenfold.

As always, if you have any questions, or if I can be of help in any way, drop me an email on eve@fantheflames.co.uk. And if you’d like to get some expert help or talk more about how I can help your business grow, feel free to book in for a quick virtual coffee with me HERE.

Eve Scragg
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